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4 Factors for Determining Strong Compare and Contrast Essay Topic: Ideas for Writing by EssayDone


Do you know what the most dreaded task in writing an assignment is? Can’t figure it out? Let us help you; it is the title, particularly when the essay requires us to compare and contrast. Devising an impressive catchy title does not have any science behind it, but it is the simple cohesion of the smart thinking and creativity which is adapted by the writers. It is adapted to provide a glimpse to the reader of what is withheld in the assignment. Various writing services have listed down diversified practices for deriving an appealing topic title, though the practices which we have concluded are listed below, therefore, tighten your seatbelts and ride along with us to on a whimsical ride to discover the iconic secret for determining a catchy title.


Factor 1: Study the curiosity factors


In order to ensure a catchy title, make sure you build up sentences or select a topic which ignites the reader’s interest. Choose a title that builds a curiosity in the reader, which allures him to read the text ahead, and discover the phenomena which are compared and contrasted in the essay. Use this curiosity aspect as a psychological trigger by enhancing the bridge which lies in readers understanding and the finding which have been extracted by us. This curiosity streamlines ideas, which can writer further can integrate into the paper afterward.


Factor 2: Highlight the source used


Give attention to the clues exhibited when making a decision regarding the title of a compare and contrast paper. Nurture on the relevancy of the clues which are being assimilated in the tile, as it forms the base or initial step to attract the reader towards the content exhibited. The term verses are usually incorporated in the essays as it is an effective way of deriving the reader to the topic, and it can be altered or adjusted as per requirement.


Factor 3: Focus on the theme


The theme determines the selection of a highly compelling title. A compare and contrast title which lacks the relevancy to the theme of the papers mitigates the interest level of the students. The title should create anticipation based on the theme derived among the readers and should guide him towards the reader to react. Reflect the feelings you want the reader to experience through the essay title.


Factor 4: Interest Sparking Factor


Use illustrations or metaphors in the essay such as the cliché jargons, but in a significantly diverged way which the reader is familiar with. By doing so, your distinctive essay will ensure that all the reader's interest is sustained. The reader's interest can also accelerate when the title of the essay exhibits the similarities that the two contrasting terms withhold, though the findings made in the paper must not be illustrated clearly.


Wrapping it up:


EssayDone - Essay Service UK is recognized for its unmatched services in the academic sector pertaining to directing the students in their academic life, providing guidance to the students and more. Therefore, following the 4 strategies or factors illustrated one will be able to produce an intriguing title which is of reader’s interest as it compels them to read the essay further.